• Reviews for B Renfrew’s Agincourt: Field of Blood

    Friday, 5th May 2017

    Greenhill is proud to have published B Renfrew’s thrilling new book, Agincourt 1415: Field of Blood, and six reviews – all giving five stars – have already been posted on Amazon. You can read free extracts from the book at the author’s website here,

    'You almost feel as if you’re standing in the front line of the English army as the huge enemy force bears down on you. Gripping stuff. If you enjoy historical history packed full of realistic details and intense action I highly recommend you pick up a copy.’ 'What a triumph! An exquisite combination of fact and fiction makes this book easy to read yet historically correct. Barry Renfrew has not let us down again.’

  • James Holland writing for Greenhill

    Thursday, 4th May 2017

    We’re proud to say that the best-selling historian James Holland, organiser of the Chalke Valley History Festival is writing a foreword to Greenhill’s new edition of a brilliant World War II memoir. The book is Wilhelm Johnen’s Duel Under The Night Stars, a gripping vivid account of a Luftwaffe night pilot in World War II. Johnen flew the Me Bf110 through the war and recorded 34 aerial kills. The book will be published in February 2018.

  • National press coverage for Greenhill Books

    Friday, 28th April 2017

    Anthony Roger’s Air Battle of Malta is released on Sunday (April 30th) but to get a sneak preview of the content you can read this feature about the book from The Sun newspaper:

  • Elena Rzhevskaya dies aged 97

    Wednesday, 26th April 2017

    Yesterday, 26th April 2017, Elena Rzhevskaya died peacefully in her Moscow apartment, aged 97. She was the SMERSH interpreter who found the remains of Hitler’s body in 1945 and identified his teeth from dental records. Her incredible memoir will be published in English April 2018 by Greenhill Books.

  • Waterloo: The Campaign of 1815 by John Hussey

    Tuesday, 18th April 2017

    The first copies of John Hussey’s brilliant study of Waterloo and the Hundred Days have arrived! The first volume looks magnificent. Andrew Roberts has said, “It will be decades before this book is superseded as the best account of those extraordinary events of 1815.” There are also free excerpts available at the Napoleon Series website.

  • English language edition of Elena Rzhevskaya’s Memoirs of a Wartime Interpreter

    Tuesday, 11th April 2017

    Greenhill Books is delighted to announce that in early 2018 we will be publishing the first English language edition of Elena Rzhevskaya’s incredible work, Memoirs of a Wartime Interpreter. Rzhevskaya was part of a Russian SMERSH intelligence detachment that found Hitler’s Berlin Bunker and the charred remains of Hitler’s body in May 1945. She discovered – and hurriedly copied – as much as as could of Martin Bormann’s conference notes and Joseph Goebbel’s diaries.

    She was entrusted with keeping Hitler’s teeth (in a dark, red, satin-lined cigar box) and finding his dental assistants who could confirm the identity of the dead Fuhrer. Rzhevskaya published her memoirs in Russian in the late 1960s and, finally, could help, ‘prevent Stalin’s dark and murky ambition from taking root – his desire to hide from the world that we had found Hitler’s corpse.’ The work has never been translated into English before and Rzhevskaya – now 96 years old – has written a new Preface for the Greenhill Books edition.